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Watermelon Kitty Kove

58.000 OMR 58.000 OMR
Revitalize Your Cat's Bathroom Experience! The Watermelon Kitty Kove Litter Box brings a splash of fruity fun to their daily routine. With its vibrant design and functionality, it's the ultimate refreshing and stylish spot for your kitty's litter needs.
Product Description

•Vetreska's Watermelon Kitty Kove is a stylish and colorful litterbox that makes “taking care of business” look cute.

•The cove design and removable, push-to-open door allows cats to enter and exit at their leisure, while containing any unwanted smells, while the built-in sand panel makes spilled litter a thing of the past.

•We also include a stylish scoop and stand with every order, so it’s fully ready to use from day one.

Product Dimensions

• Length:21.2in

• Width:29.7in

• Height:16.2in

Facts For Felines

•WATERMELON DESIGN:Resembles a perfect watermelon slice, you won’t be able to find a litter box cuter and more colorful than this!

•DETACHABLE FLAP:Choose to have a flap door to contain unwanted smells or sights and give your pet added privacy, or make it easier for them to get in and out by removing it. Totally up to you.

•EASY ACCESS DRAWER:Clean after your pet and top up on litter in an extremely easy and efficient manner with our sliding drawer.

•SAND PANEL:A removable litter-catching sand panel helps keep your home clean and litterfree by catching sand/litter whenever your cat exits the litter box.

•SCOOP & HOLDER:We even include a stylish litter scoop and stand set so you can use this from day one.

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