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Portable White Noise Machine

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Relax Anywhere: Your Personal Portable White Noise Machine – Unwind and Recharge On-the-Go.
Product Description

•Enhance Sleep Quality: The Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine offers seven soothing sleep sounds that effectively mask disruptive noises for babies and adults, promoting deep and rejuvenating sleep. Incorporate it into your bedtime routine to establish healthy sleep cues.

•Convenient On-the-Go Relaxation: Designed for portability, this lightweight sound machine is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides an impressive 48 hours of usage on a single charge. Its compact design makes it easy to carry wherever you go, ensuring you're never without your sleep aid.

•Baby-Friendly Features: The built-in soft LED light with adjustable settings proves handy for nighttime activities like diaper changes and feedings. With a safe maximum volume of 75db near your ear and adhering to recommendations from reputable sources, the sound machine provides a peaceful sleep environment for your baby when placed at a safe distance. Its sleek and stylish design seamlessly blends with your décor, offering the perfect solution for peaceful sleep without unnecessary features.

How to use?

• Place the unit on a flat surface, at least 2m/6.6ft away from your baby when in use. Never place the unit next to your baby’s ears such as in the bassinet, cot/crib, or pram. Use the unit to assist settling your baby to sleep. Once baby is asleep, turn off the unit.

• Sound

To turn sound on and off, press and hold down the Power button for 3 seconds for track to start playing

• Change the Sound Track

To change the track, press the Sound Track Selection button once. There are seven sound tracks to choose from. The unit will return to the sound it was playing when it was last turned off.

Materials & Care Instructions

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the unit, strap and cable. Never use liquids or abrasive cleaners on the unit.

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