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Ghidini 1961

Omini Bowls

334.000 OMR 334.000 OMR
Welcome to the enticing realm of Omini Bowls,
where culinary boundaries are shattered and
flavors harmoniously collide.Get ready to savor
the fusion feast that awaits you in the world of
Omini Bowls.
Product Description

• The Omini bowl is a geometric and minimalist design object from the Omini family of products. It features a simple and monolithic form, with clean lines and a smooth surface. What sets the bowl apart from other bowls is its playful and whimsical design. Small Lilliputians, are depicted attacking and animating the pure form of the bowl.

• This creates a unique and dynamic visual effect that captures the imagination and adds a touch of humor to any space. It is a unique and memorable addition to any home or office, and is sure to spark conversation and delight for years to come.

Product Dimensions

Diameter - 21.5cm

Height - 7.5cm

Diameter - 24cm

Height - 10cm

Diameter - 26.5cm

Height - 13.5cm

Stainless Steel with PVD Treatment
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