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Ocean Color Silicone Snack Cups

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Multiple snacking options are provided by Ocean Colour Silicone Snack Cups. They provide more spaces for greater variety and are designed to fit inside lunchboxes.
Product Description

• Offering more ways to snack! The silicone snack cups have been designed to fit inside the lunchbox and mini lunchbox to create additional compartments for added variety.

• The cups can be used at full size or folded down to suit lunchbox compartments (and appetites!)

Care Instructions
We recommend using your silicone snack cups at full height only in the non-sealed sections of your lunchbox (long section and sandwich section) and mini lunchbox (long section only). In the sealed sections, use snack cups folded down. Using snack cups at full height in the sealed sections can interfere with the leak-proof seals. Plus, it makes the lid a little harder to clip closed for younger children.
Food grade silicone, BPA free
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