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Meownooker Cat Toy Set

43.000 OMR 43.000 OMR
Packed with endless entertainment, this set will keep your furry friend captivated for hours. From interactive toys to enticing scratching posts, let the Meownooker Cat Toy Set bring out the purrfect playtime in your feline companion.
Product Description

•Keep your eye on the ball and play a round of billiards with one of our more unique cat toys!

•This extremely well designed, and high-quality snooker toy features a solid wood construction, durable jute rope, and fun feathers for your cat to maximize its fun during play time. We have also included fun cue sticks, that act as wands, and snooker balls filled with catnip.

•If your cat gets tired after all this fun, they can take a nice nap on the large pool table covered in soft felt fabric. Yes, that’s right, we have thought of everything!

Product Dimensions

• Length:29.5in

• Width:15.7in

• Height:7.9in

Facts For Felines

•MULTIFUNCTIONAL FUN: This wonderful toy provides your pet with multiple options to play with - snooker balls, cue sticks (wands), and scratching surfaces all around. Your cat can even take a break right on it!

•INTERACTIVE TOY: This cat toy allows you to take an active part in play time with your cat! We provide you with all the tools you need to build an even deeper bond with your pet.

•UNIQUE DESIGN: Bright colors and lovely appearance will attract cats to scratch, exercise and play indoors to meet their instinctive needs. It also acts as a fun and visually appealing decoration in your home.

•HIGH QUALITY: This quality cat toy is hand crafted with sturdy natural jute twine for a safe and healthy way for kitties to scratch while helping guard your furniture!

•EASY ASSEMBLY: Designed for simple assembly, you can finish this installation within a short time to quickly and easily create a wonderful playground for your cat.

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