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Gourmet Food Candle - Candlecan Peeled Tangerines

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The Gourmet Food Candle - Candlecan Peeled Tangerines is a true sensory delight. Each candle is carefully crafted using high-quality fragrance oils to ensure an authentic and long-lasting scent. Whether you're looking to add a touch of freshness to your kitchen or create a welcoming atmosphere in any room, this candle is the perfect choice.
Product Description

• Looking for a candle that smells like your favorite holiday memories? The Peeled Tangerine Candle is a perfect choice. This candle is scented with the sweet and tangy aroma of tangerines, which will instantly transport you to your happiest holiday moments.

• Crafted from 100% vegetable wax and wax dyes, the Peeled Tangerine Candle features two cotton wicks and a realistic peel design that looks almost good enough to eat.

• When lit, the candle emits a warm and inviting scent that will fill your home with a cozy and comforting atmosphere.

Product Dimensions

Weight - 0.5kg

Length - 10cm

Width - 10cm

Height - 5cm

Care Instructions & Materials

• When you first burn the candle, please allow it to burn for at least 2 hours to allow the wax surface to melt evenly. This ensures the maximum burn time of 30h+.

Feel free to trim the wick during burn times for the best flame.

• 100 % Vegetable Wax, Wax Dyes, 2x Cotton wicks.
Scent: Tangerines

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