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Flyte Buckminster

231.000 OMR 231.000 OMR
  • -Edison-style glass bulb with LED filament and gold cap.
  • -Walnut wood base sustainably sourced.
  • -Thoughtfully originated in Sweden. 
Product Description

• The Levitating light bulb FLYTE Buckminster is a unique and innovative lighting fixture that is named after the renowned American inventor Buckminster Fuller. This levitating light bulb features a beautiful Edison-style borosilicate glass bulb that houses a star-shaped filament consisting of 7 LEDs. The bulb is capped with copper, giving it an elegant and vintage look. The bulb is then encircled by a ring made of aluminium.

• The base is made of sustainably-sourced Walnut wood, which not only adds a natural touch to the design but also makes it an eco-friendly lighting solution. The base also contains a hidden magnet that helps to keep the bulb levitating in mid-air, creating an enchanting visual effect.

Product Dimensions

Length - 12.6cm

Width - 12.6cm

Height - 3cm

Includes Walnut base, lightbulb with Copper cap and AC Adapter.
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