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Ariana OST

Chakra Balancing Flower of Life Healing Crystal Grid - Gold

70.000 OMR 70.000 OMR

- Chakra balancing crystal grid with raw stones representing each energy center, amplified by a sacred geometric pattern to manifest your dreams into reality.

- Thoughtfully originated in the US.

Product Description
Balance your chakras with the power of color visualization for your energy centers. Crystal gridding is a powerful tool to manifest your dreams into reality. An abundance of stones amplifies the energy of each crystal further charged by being placed in a sacred geometric pattern. Stones, all raw, Root - Red - jasper, Sacral - Orange - sunstone, Solar Plexus- Yellow- calcite, Heart - Green - fuchsite, Throat - Blue - sodalite, Third Eye - Purple - amethyst, Crown - White - clear quartz
Product Dimensions

Weight - 0.198kg

Length - 17cm

Width - 17cm

Diameter - 17cm

Height - 2cm

Care Instructions & Materials

Wipe clean with damp cloth

Sacred Geometric Pattern made of Brass-

Stones, all raw (wired wrapped onto grid)

Root - Red - jasper

Sacral - Orange - sunstone

Solar Plexus- Yellow- calcite

Heart - Green - fuchsite

Throat - Blue - sodalite

Third Eye - Purple - amethyst

Crown - White - clear quartz

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