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Sound Healing Benefits: Power, Tools, and Applications

15 September 2023
Sound Healing Benefits: Power, Tools, and Applications

Music heals your body and mind through tunes and vibrations. Many experience  mental clarity through music or sound therapy. You can even find mentions of healing through music in the Greek mythological figure of Asclepius. Even though this practice has its roots in ancient Greek, we can modernize it to “heal” ourselves. 

Music, since eternity, has healed humans. In our modern world, sound healing benefits have emerged as a parallel pathway to healing with meditation. Sound healing is an alternative field of medicine that originated thousands of years ago.In the past couple of years, it has seen a resurgence. 

You can do it through meditation, just listening to music, singing along to music, etc. To fully enjoy all the benefits of sound healing, you need to have proper instruments that recreate healing vibrations. 

You can find a few of these tools on The Bubble Wrap site. We’ll discuss it in detail later. Let’s explore sound healing and its science in detail. 

Sound healing benefits

The Science Behind Sound Healing

Sound healing benefits affect your physical and mental well-being. It improves your mood and alleviates your mental health. Similarly, certain tunes and frequencies generate a healing effect in your body and calm your nerves. Such an experience can be very hypnotic and generate a deep relaxation state in your mind.

Sound healing uses specific instruments to generate sounds at certain frequencies. It is very important, as these frequencies help to balance and heal your body, mind, and spirit. 

All these specialized frequencies bring forth a calming and therapeutic atmosphere that releases your tension and stimulates your systems. 

You get sound healing benefits like deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. Ideally, it puts you in a state of hypnosis through beta or theta brainwaves. What that does is allow you to access deeper levels of wisdom and healing.  

We know that this phenomenon works to heal you. But how? What are the benefits of sound healing? How do sound help in healing? Let’s find out in detail. 

Benefits of Sound Healing

1. Deep Relaxation 

Imagine you are sitting in a relaxing posture. You are in a dark room with minimal lights and the atmosphere around you is quiet and soothing. You use healing tools to make relaxing sounds. Such sounds heal you.

It happens due to release of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine. All these are “feel good” hormones that make us relaxed. You will notice a drop in your heart rate and blood pressure as your body enters a deep relaxation state. 

With proper instruments, you can enjoy sound healing benefits, as such instruments create a sense of resonance. This resonance promotes a calm and healing atmosphere. Through such sounds, your body receives signals that your body and your environment are safe. Thus, it starts to relax, and your stress slowly withers away. 

2. Sound Sleep

Remember how your parents lulled you to sleep with a song when you were a kid? The lulling and soothing effect of songs and tunes never fails to make you fall asleep. When you play tunes at the right vibration, they can induce sleep. Use these sound healing benefits to get rid of your insomnia or light sleep problems.

Indulge in a sound bath right before you go to bed. It attunes your body and mind, making you more resilient and raising your alertness. Music can trigger your slow brain waves and bring you to a state of relaxation.  

3. Pain Relief 

This is perhaps one of the lesser-known sound healing benefits. You already know how sound therapy instruments heal you through vibrations. This healing is not only about physical pain. Did you know that experiencing physical pain affects your brain too? 

That pain sends signals to your brain. Your brain releases hormones that can cause inflammation in your body and worsen the pain. When you listen to soothing music, it targets those painful areas in your body. Your brain releases endorphins that block pain hormones, thus curbing inflammation. 

4. Clear Energetic Blockages

Another one of the benefits of sound healing benefits is that it helps to clear negative energies around you. But what connection do sound and vibrations have to energy? If you are keeping unwell or your aura is emitting bad energy, then sound energy will help you. 

As you sit down with tools for sound healing around you, you create an atmosphere of balance. Sound vibrations open up blockages in your chakras and induce positive energies. It feels like a deep tissue massage.  

During this healing process, you might feel physical sensations and vibrations. It could be a tingling sensation or a tingling feeling that is hot or cold; usually, this feeling generates in the crown of your head and slowly makes its way down to your spine. Find out how the sound helps you.

Wondering how sound helps in healing? It is closely related to your chakras. Chakras (Sanskrit for “wheel”) are the energy points in your body.  To heal your chakras, you need to participate in sound baths or sound healing sessions. In such sessions, you will explore the sound healing benefits of listening to certain types of music. 

Sound Healing Sessions: Transforming Your Pain

You can treat your pain through rudimentary forms of healing. As you keep attending these sessions, you will notice a massive difference in your chakras and healing. From Tibetan bowls to shamanic drums, you can use a range of instruments to start your healing journey. 

Take advantage of sound healing benefits to achieve maximum relaxation. You can do so using instruments and sitting in sessions. You do not have to use all instruments in one session. Use each for one session. 

As you look for your perfect sound healing instrument, you will notice how every culture has its own version of it. This practice is so ancient that you will find the presence of sound chambers in Egyptian civilization. Keep reading to know more about equipment for sound therapy.

Exploring Sound Therapy: 4 Popular Healing Instruments       

1. Singing Bowl

One way to enjoy all sound healing benefits is through a singing bowl. It is a percussion instrument that people have used since the 12th century in Asia. You will find Buddhists using this in their healing and meditation practices. There is research that suggests that singing bowls alleviate symptoms of depression, pain, and anxiety. Let’s see how a singing bowl works.

Usually you have a bowl, often made of bronze or a seven metal-medley (zinc, gold, copper, tin, iron, lead, and silver). Hit your bowl with a mallet to create a constant tone. When you strike the bowl, it creates a long, resonant sound. 

Sometimes, you can also add water to your bowl and then strike it with a mallet. It creates ripples in water. It is healing and pleasing to your ears and eyes. This long, constant tone alleviates your mood and instills peace. 

2. Tuning Fork

The sound healing benefits of a tuning fork are quite similar to those of singing bowls. It is a two-pronged fork that has perfect pitch. The healing effects of tuning fork attend to different parts of your body. The strong vibrations of this fork create a tingling feeling in your injured parts. Its sustaining long pitch is also ideal for mindfulness and meditation. 

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3. Ocean Drums

As their name suggests, ocean drums recreate the sound of ocean waves. Among its advantages are the alleviation of stress, enhancement of relaxation, and improvement of sleep quality. It is also a therapeutic aid that manages anxiety, depression, and alleviates pain.

4. Gong 

Gongs make complex frequencies. People often use them for sound healing in group sessions called sound baths. During a sound bath, a gong expert plays gongs and other instruments while everyone lies down on mats. 

Sound healing benefits encompass a wide range of sounds, from soft and gentle to very loud. Sometimes, the loud sounds are so powerful that you can feel them deep in your body.

FAQs: Sound Healing Benefits: Power, Tools, and Applications

Can you use sound healing as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medicine?

Yes. While sound therapy is not a replacement for traditional medical treatments, it can work with them to enhance overall well-being.  

How do I choose the right sound healing tools or instruments for my needs?

Consider your goals, preferences, and the specific effects you seek. Research sound healing instruments like singing bowls, gongs, or tuning forks, and consult experienced practitioners for guidance.

Are there any potential risks or contraindications associated with sound healing?

Sound healing is safe for all. However, if you have tinnitus, seizure disorders, or hearing sensitivity, consult a healthcare professional before attending sound baths. You can understand which types of sound therapy will work for you. 

What is the difference between sound healing and music therapy?

You can reap sound healing benefits through vibrations and frequencies that relax your body and mind. Music therapy employs structured musical interventions led by trained therapists to address emotional, cognitive, and social goals for individuals with specific health needs. Know more about what equipment is used in sound therapy.

Can I practice sound healing at home, and if so, how do I get started?

What is an example of sound healing? Use Tibetan singing bowls to create soothing vibrations that promote relaxation and well-being.


In conclusion, sound healing offers holistic well-being, harnessing ancient healing power of vibrations and frequencies. Its profound benefits encompass deep relaxation, sound sleep, pain relief, and the clearance of energetic blockages. Start your healing journey today at The Bubble Wrap website and experience the transformative benefits of sound healing.

Sound healing benefits


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