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The Art of Habit Building: Cultivating a Disciplined Life

15 September 2023
The Art of Habit Building: Cultivating a Disciplined Life

How we shape our lives with our actions determine our behavior, attitudes and even success. When you look at it simply, habits are similar behaviors that you do, maybe everyday or once a week at a specific time. It sets a pattern. 

Pattern eventually becomes a routine. Such a practice is about more than just being effective. It guarantees results and success when you follow through with this set pattern. 

You may wonder why focus on habits when you can set goals or create a motivational chart? While those two are good, they are not permanent. As you start incorporating habits in your daily routine, you will discover that you do not need reminding to carry them out. With time, certain tasks and actions become like second nature to you. They become a part of your daily routine. You will eventually do it without thinking.  

In this blog, we will discuss how good habits help you to grow professionally and personally. Start to build healthy habits today with wellness items from The Bubblewrap site. Let’s explore why you need to have good habits. 

Build healthy habits

Why You Should Embrace Habit Building: 8 Ways to Build Healthy Habits 

Humans, innately, are creatures of habit. Repeated actions trigger your brain and make it more alert. It also sets up a pattern that makes your brain and consciousness more aware of the actions you do. Let’s see how habit building helps you to improve your life.

1. Reach Your Goals

We all have a goal in our life that we are working towards. For some it is to get their dream job, for another it could be publishing a book, while a third person’s goal might be to get into shape. 

Regardless of the goal, it is the mindset that matters. But you can achieve them overnight. It is a step-by-step process. This is where habits come to your rescue. Build healthy habits into your routine, you slowly turn them into consistent strategies. 

2. Become Your Ideal Self

Think of all the successful business owners and CEOs that you know. Their story is not of overnight success. It is a result of discipline based on habits that they internalized over many years. You cannot rely on sudden bursts of motivation. You need to show up and do your work every day. Benefits of healthy habits certainly show over time. 

Habit sustains you. It even lets you come up with ideas and work towards your goal. With habits, you can surpass your own simple self by becoming the best version of yourself.

3. Increase Overall Quality of Your Life

Habits are powerful enough to change your life’s trajectory. When you build healthy habits that change more than one aspect of your life, those are “keystone habits”. 

For instance, exercising or any other forms of physical activity benefits you in a holistic manner. Not only does it improve your physical health, it also uplifts your mood. It accelerates synthesis of “happy hormones”- dopamine and endorphin and serotonin.  

4. Reap Lifelong Benefits 

Your habits are here to stay. If you do not follow through with them you cannot implement change. As you implement habits in a consistent pattern you can-

  • Accomplish one goal after the other
  • Becoming your ideal self
  • Helping your loved ones
  • Improving overall quality of your life 

Build healthy habits that set a foundation for your life. You can maintain a desirable behavior at all times. It is a simple yet very effective cycle. Start small and let it become a habit. 

You will notice a big difference in your life and mental health as well as physical well when you start doing this. Habits will help to improve all your backlogs. It will push you to do things that you were reluctant to do before. Start to build healthy habits today to transform your life. 

Apart from feeling accomplished, habits cultivate self-discipline. You can be more international about your actions. It helps you to channel your efforts and energy into the right thing. Here’s how:

5. Improving Mental Health through Habit Building

Many factors affect your mental health. From genetics or environmental stressors, even habit is a contributing factor. Implementing positive habits in your life can lead to:

  • Improved mental health
  • Less anxiety 
  • Improved self-esteem

Nurture your mental health as you build healthy habits. For instance, participating in daily exercise or physical routines, gives your brain fuel to be happy. Also ensuring that you have a restful sleep every night, ensures that your hormones keep your mood up. 

Try to cut back on social media. It leads to self-doubt and is a pool of misinformation. Put your phone into sleep mode or turn off notification of your social media apps. It will take time on how many days it take to build a habit.

Good habits allow you to improve your physical health as well. By implementing a healthy diet and a strict routine which includes working out, you can become your best version. It will also help you to keep fit.

6. Enhancing Physical Health through Habit Building

Habit changes in your life can bring around changes in your physical health. In fact, turning to exercises is one of the best ways to build a habit. Go for a daily morning walk or a weekly yoga class. Start small and gradually increase intensity and frequency to build healthy habits naturally into your life. With it you can-

  • Boost your cardiovascular health
  • increase muscle strength, and
  •  improve flexibility

Developing habits like meal planning, mindful eating, and choosing whole foods over processed options results in better digestion, weight management, and increased energy levels. You can monitor all such activities on a habit tracker.

When you intentionally build healthy habits, it guides you on your path to enhanced physical health. By making small, sustainable changes in daily routines, as they build healthy habits, empower yourself.

7. Tiny Habits Transform Your Life

Small things create a big impact. This proverb holds true even in your wellness journey as you build healthy habits. What is really exciting about tiny habits is that they are doable. While they may not seem like much, tiny habits create a big impact. 

  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in morning. It helps you to flush out toxins from your body. Drink from a smart bottle like Equa Ginger Glass Bottle.
  2. Fight a sedentary lifestyle by walking wherever you go. Ditch elevator for stairs. Walk towards your car as you park it at a distance.  
  3. Stand up and stretch every two hours. 
  4. Meditate everyday to drown out noise around you. Indulge in a crystal bath with Ariana OST Mega Healing Crystal Bath Immersion Kit and let it cleanse your energy.

These are quite simple yet effective changes. With time management you can take their full advantage. 

8. Mastering Time Management with Habit Building

Time management is all about efficient use of time maximizing productivity. Track how you spend your time with apps. Create realistic timelines as you build healthy habits. Add buffers in between. See that two tasks do not overlap with each other. 

When you work, give your undivided attention to it. Close all browser tabs that you do not need and focus on your work. Keep your phone at a distance. Build healthy habits and you too can create a pattern of habits that keeps rewarding you. As you look around to build good habits, beware of baseless myths.

Build healthy habits

How Do You Build Self Discipline in Your Habit?  

Journaling is one way to express your feelings and also make it an inspiration. Write down your goals and what you want to achieve in your journal. As you do, you can start to carry them out. Making a “To-Do List” will actually keep you alert on what tasks you need to accomplish.

It will ignite in you the urge to explore and go out and do more. Journaling isn't just not only about writing daily. Some prompts ignite ideas. These prompts can help you if you want to write regularly but don't know what to say. You can come up with new ideas to build healthy habits.

Similarly, you can also address your backlogs and hurtful episodes through journaling. One way to build healthy habits is to address difficult emotions and try to understand them rather than act on them. When you write journals, you can understand your emotions better and react accordingly.

Maintain a journal like Therapy Notebooks Build - A - Habit Guide Notebook where you write “Gratitude notes” and enumerate things you are grateful for. Going through them during a hard time, will reinstate hope and elevate your mood.

3 Habit Myths Busted

Myth 1: I Am Too Old to Adopt New Habits

Learning has no age limit. Do not let that stop you from starting new routines and habits. Adopt whatever habit that you want and follow through with a routine. You will find tangible results. Remember, consistency is key.

Myth 2: I Cannot Skip a Day

Do not be too hard on yourself if you skip a day. It is understandable that making a routine means following through with it, however, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Do not stress yourself to carry out tasks if you are not well or not in right mindset. Take a break.  

Myth 3: Habits Can Become Monotonous 

There are no hard and fast rules for habits that you must follow. Make a flexible routine that benefits you. Habits are like second-nature. Once you acclimatize to them you will not feel any tediousness. 

FAQs: The Art of Habit Building: Cultivating a Disciplined Life

What are keystone habits?

They are pivotal behaviors that, when adopted, trigger a ripple effect of positive changes in various aspects of life. They influence other related behaviors. If you are wondering “what are the habits of discipline?”They are keystone habits.

For instance, regular exercise improves physical health and increases energy. Another example is daily mindfulness or meditation, which can enhance mental well-being and reduce stress. 

Can habits really lead to long-term success and personal growth?

Yes, habits can do so by fostering consistency, discipline, and positive behavior patterns that contribute to achieving goals and continuous self-improvement. Do you know how to be 100% disciplined? It is all about commitment.

Do you know what are the 7 ways to build discipline? Know your strengths- let go of temptations-set goals- practice- create new habits- change perceptions-have a back up plan- have mentors. 

What should I do if I miss a day or break a habit streak?

Acknowledge the lapse, recommit to the habit, and continue with determination, emphasizing consistency over occasional setbacks.

Does joining an activity group improve habit building?

Yes. It can enhance habit building by providing accountability, support, and a social environment that encourages consistent practice.

Is it bad if I skip a day?

Skipping a day occasionally is okay; it's normal. What matters more is consistency and getting back on track promptly.


Art of habit-building is a powerful tool for shaping one's life. Habits form the foundation of our success. They provide structure and routine.. Moreover, habits are not only beneficial for physical health but also play a crucial role in nurturing mental well-being. Start to build healthy habits with essential wellness tools from The Bubblewrap!

Build healthy habits

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