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Decoding 3 Types of Travel Bags: How to Select the Perfect Fit for Your Journey

18 September 2023
Decoding 3 Types of Travel Bags: How to Select the Perfect Fit for Your Journey

Selecting the ideal travel companion isn't just about finding a bag to haul your belongings; it marks the inaugural chapter in your odyssey. This decision will shape your adventure. Your journey begins here, and as we embark on this voyage, we will learn more about varieties of travel bags. Let's set sail into a world of travel bags.

This vast world is as diverse as destinations you yearn to explore. From sleek suitcases designed for urban escapades to rugged backpacks tailored for wilderness treks, the options are vast.

Each travel bag offers a unique set of advantages, catering to your novel demands of different journeys. Whether you're a jet-setter, a nature enthusiast, or an urban explorer, there's a travel bag tailored to your specific needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll unravel advantages of five primary types of travel bags available in the market. Each type comes with its set of advantages. Therefore, it is essential to understand your options to choose wisely. 

As you read this blog, you'll gain an insight to select perfect travel bag. Follow this guide to ensure that your next adventure is not only well-prepared but also comfortable and convenient. So, without further ado, let's see which three bag types ease your travel.  

types of travel bags

3 Types of Travel Bags

Selecting the right travel bag is crucial for a smooth and comfortable journey. Let's explore the three main types of travel bags:

1. Suitcase (Rolling Suitcases) or Trolley Bags

If you are planning on a long trip or one that requires you to carry multiple items that are heavy and some are fragile, you need a suitcase. These bags have hard sides, wheels on their basees, and a retractable handle, making them easy to roll alongside you. It does not require you to carry these types of travel bags’ weight with you.

Perfect for long distance travels, this bag has remained a popular choice for multiple travelers for years. These types of travel bags have hard sides that have a hard tarpaulin, ABS plastic, or a polyester-nylon combination as their primary material. Undoubtedly, such materials make models like Royce & Rocket Castle Carry-on - Burgundy/Tobacco sturdier than average travel bags.

Usually, such bags have a big compartment. You can fit in multiple items. Additionally, amongst all types of travel bags, it has the biggest main compartment. You can easily accommodate different types and quantities of items in an option like Royce & Rocket Castle Classic - Black/Tobacco. Tiny compartments allow you to store smaller items.

Such a travel luggage bag is perfect for all your extended trips. It can easily fit all your essentials that you need for your stay. Avail suitcases from The Bubble Wrap like Royce & Rocket Castle Classic - Silver/Pink.

Advantages of Suitcases

  • Convenience: Luggage offers organized and secure storage for personal items during travel, whether short or long trips.
  • Protection: Designed to safeguard belongings, luggage features padding, sturdy exteriors, and compartments to prevent damage.
  • Organization: Various compartments and pockets help travelers efficiently arrange items, reducing the need to rummage. Look at this model of travel trolley bags-Castle Carry-On Burgundy Tobacco.   
  • Security: Many luggage options have built-in locks for valuables' safety, instilling confidence when leaving luggage unattended.
  • Mobility: Luggage often includes wheels and handles for easy transportation, reducing physical strain.
  • Versatility: Available in different sizes and styles, luggage caters to diverse travel needs, from carry-ons to specialized bags for specific activities. Overall, luggage is an indispensable tool for travelers, enhancing convenience, security, and organization.

From suitcases, we move to the next option in our list of types of travel bags. It is a more compact bag. However, it is equally popular. Let’s explore it. 

2. Backpacks

Going on a trip? Save yourself from the hassle of carrying heavy luggage. How about you carry all of it on your back? That is exactly what a backpack allows you to do. A backpack is amongst the types of travel bags that you carry on your back, like a school bag.

Such a bag usually has two shoulder straps and is quite large. Its volume and space allow you to pack enough items for a short trip. Go for backpacks with padded hip belts. They help you transfer your weight from your shoulders to your hips.

No more hunching as you walk with your backpack. No more shoulder strain. Easily carry heavy luggage for a long time without experiencing any discomfort or pain. 

Advantages of Backpacks

  • Organization: They come with ample pockets and compartments, ensuring efficient organization for your daily essentials, from books to clothing.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Carrying your belongings becomes more comfortable with backpacks. They evenly distribute weight, leaving your hands free for smartphone use or coffee-holding. You have easy access to your items. 
  • Safety: its protective design is typically waterproof, lightweight, and flexible, safeguarding your items. Their close-to-body design deters thieves.
  • Long-term Use: Thanks to soft, padded shoulder straps that evenly distribute weight, backpacks can be comfortably worn for extended periods.

Incorporating convenience, style, and safety, backpacks are an excellent choice for modern travelers, offering comfort and organization throughout their journeys. While backpacks allow convenience when it comes to travel, you need a different solution for “organization” and “compartmentalization” factors. Read on to find out what they are.

3. Duffel Bags

Imagine embarking on a journey with a trusty companion by your side—a versatile, long-tubular bag equipped with sturdy zippers and robust straps that promise portability. As you prepare for your adventure, use this duffel bag, a remarkable piece of travel gear that belongs to the league of types of travel bags.

Its spacious middle compartment can fit your belongings, making it a steadfast travel partner. So, let's dive deeper into the world of duffel bags to uncover its many facets.

Inside these types of travel bags, there are compartments that allow you to organize your items. Some have internal mesh pockets which makes storage easy. The best thing about them? Extra zippered pockets. You can store other items here, like keys and knick-knacks.

Materials of these bags are quite sturdy, and they protect everything that you carry inside. This bag is perfect for sports travelers and gym enthusiasts. It is the perfect companion for your next weekend getaway.

Note: Wheeled Duffle Bags

Want a bit more convenience in your duffle bag? Then go for wheeled duffle bags. It has similar features to a regular duffle bag. But with a wheeled one, you get a stronger frame and heavy wheels, making it easier to pull the bag toward you as you move.

Advantages of Duffel Bags

  • It is perfect for a weekend getaway and is stylish to carry.
  • Sturdy straps
  • They are better carry-ons than suitcases, especially if you feel like walking on uneven surfaces.
  • Its zip closures are not only sturdy but also durable. 
  • They are spacious and perfect for terrain where carrying wheels or clunky suitcases is an issue.

If you are looking for some types of travel bags that are flexible yet provide a rigid structure, then go for duffle bags. Want to make a style statement with your travel bags? Choose duffel bags. 

While all such factors look promising, there are still a few more that you need to assess before making a final choice. As you search through different types of travel bags for “the one” see if they meet the following conditions: 

types of travel bags

4 Tips to Choose the Best Travel Bag 

1. Size and Weight

Size matters when it comes to types of travel bags. How will you carry it? How far is your destination? Take into consideration all such factors to know how much weight you can carry. Pack your bare essentials. Remember, the bigger the bag, the heavier it will weigh, even if you pack light. 

2. Durability

Ensuring your suitcase's durability is crucial to avoiding travel mishaps. Check

  • If handles operate smoothly
  • Assess material strength against tears and cracks
  • scrutinize sturdy zippers and wheels
  • evaluate interior durability, and
  • confirm robust handle construction.

Additionally, consider ease of unzipping the liner for cleaning or accessing handles and wheels.

3. Mobility

Choosing travel bags for women and men primarily hinges on their ease of mobility, given diverse modes of transportation involved. While single-handled options exude style, they can be cumbersome. 

Wheeled suitcases, especially 4-wheel spinners, offer superior convenience. Alternatively, opt for strap-equipped bags or employ luggage handlers for non-wheeled choices.

4. Packing Capacity

It goes without saying that you cannot ignore this factor for types of travel bags. In the end, choosing one solely depends on how much you can pack. Consider compartments and their sizes and the interior space of all options to choose one that suits your needs the best. 

FAQs: Decoding 3 Types of Travel Bags: How to Select the Perfect Fit for Your Journey

What is the best type of travel bag for a weekend getaway?

Worried about which travel bag is best hard or soft?  It depends on personal preferences. Soft bags are flexible and lightweight, ideal for compact trips, while hard bags offer more protection for fragile items but may be heavier.   

How do I choose between a suitcase and a backpack for international travel?

Wondering “which bag is best for air travel?” It depends on your preferences and needs. If you prefer easy maneuverability, a wheeled suitcase is ideal. Backpacks are good for navigating uneven terrain. 

What features should I consider when looking for durable luggage?

Prioritize sturdy materials, reinforced corners, quality zippers, reliable handles, strong wheels, and solid construction.

Are expensive bags better?

Usually expensive prices mean better quality. You can also go for bags from Royce and Rocket.

What is the top brand for suitcases in UAE?

Which brand is best for travelling? You can choose sturdy and versatile products from Royce and Rocket. These bags prioritize functionality and style.


A good travel bag can last for years and significantly enhance your travel experience. Choosing the right option from all types of travel bags is about finding products that fit your travel needs and preferences. They offer a perfect combination of functionality with comfortability. Choose from a range of options from The Bubble Wrap to meet your modern travel needs.

types of travel bags

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