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Skincare When Pregnant: Navigating 5 Safe Product Choices and Avoiding 2 Products

1 September 2023
Skincare When Pregnant: Navigating 5 Safe Product Choices and Avoiding 2 Products

Embracing proper skincare when pregnant is more than a cosmetic choice – it's a nurturing ritual for your changing skin. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to various skin challenges, making a well-chosen skin care regimen essential. By selecting pregnancy-safe products, you empower your skin with the nutrients it craves, fostering a healthy, balanced, and vibrant appearance that complements the beauty of this remarkable journey.

You have heard of “pregnancy glow” which makes your skin look bright. It happens due to some changing hormones in your body. However, for many, pregnancy can cause a few unfavorable skin issues- from discoloration to sensitivity. Curating a skincare when pregnant is vital for these special nine months.. It will ensure glowing skin, as well as, allow you to choose products that are “safe” for you and your baby.

Sticking to a skin care regimen that is safe for you does not mean you have to throw out your entire skin care arsenal. Just use products that are safe for you in this state. Stay away from brands with fragrances. Read on to learn about the best skincare for you when you are pregnant. 

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5 Essential Products to Use When You’re Pregnant

1. Moisturizer

Keep your skin healthy during pregnancy by using a moisturizer regularly. It prevents stretch marks, eases itchiness, and soothes dry skin. Don't forget to moisturize your whole body. Apply the product also to your knees, elbows, and nipples, as they can get dry.

Pregnancy brings changes to your body and skin, like dark spots, acne, and dryness. But you can manage these skin issues with safe moisturizers made for pregnancy. Ensure that products which you use have no added chemicals. However, always look for these two ingredients in your pregnancy skincare routine

Hyaluronic Acid:

Pregnancy causes a multitude of bodily changes. One such thing is visible wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a solution to this concern as it effectively smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.. It goes deep into your skin to add moisture and make you feel fresh. You can reduce pores and enhance your skin brightness using products infused with HaruHaru Wonder Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Cream. As a hydrating agent, Hyaluronan boosts your skin’s health.

Nicotinamide and Antioxidants:

Many individuals experience redness and inflammation during pregnancy due to acne. In such cases, products with nicotinamide are beneficial. As a type of vitamin, it helps to reduce inflammation. It curbs sebum production and makes your skin strong. It also gives your skin a color or "pregnancy hues". Additionally, antioxidants act as a protective barrier keeping pollutants and UV rays from harming your skin.

Apart from moisturizing, your skin also needs intense hydration. After applying moisturizer, putting on a face mask helps nourish and refresh the skin, leaving it feeling renewed and vibrant.

2. Sheet Masks

Take care of yourself during pregnancy by using safe face masks. Find masks with things like oatmeal, aloe vera, or cucumber that make your skin feel good and calm down any skin issues. Use a gentle mask once a week that doesn't have strong smells or chemicals, and also use a soothing moisturizer every day. 

Avoid masks that have retinoids, parabens, and fragrances. Chemicals are present in such compounds and can harm your and your fetus’s health. Also, it might trigger a reaction on your skin, making it irritant. Therefore, it is better to avoid any product that has no natural ingredients. 

Use soothing and natural sheet masks in skincare when pregnant to enhance your skin’s glow. Intense hydration from these masks will elevate your appearance and also improve your skincare regimen while pregnant. 

Apart from using your usual skincare products and maintaining a routine, try to personalize it based on your skin type. One common skin issue that many pregnant women face is dry skin. Invest in a deeply hydrating skincare routine. 

3. Dry Skin During Pregnancy: Use Hydrating Skincare

Typically, dryness during pregnancy results from dehydration. Factors like insufficient water intake and higher blood volume can lead to dry skin and chapped lips. Paradoxically, you may also experience water retention during this time. 

It happens due to increased vasopressin levels in pregnancy. However, it also contributes to dryness, causing swelling and skin stretching that leads to cracking. Drink enough water to ensure that your hydration levels are always optimum. Also invest in hydrating skincare to give your skin its water needs. 

While dry skin is usually anticipated, it can occasionally indicate a more significant concern. If severe or bothersome, your healthcare provider can curate skincare when pregnant after assessing the underlying causes of your dryness.

Consider using a lightweight serum-like Overt- The Hydrator from The Bubblewrap site. This serum swiftly penetrates the skin, providing moisture, fullness, and contentment without any oily or greasy sensation. With its 20% organic Hyaluronic Acid, it effectively enhances moisture absorption and retention 

Bid farewell to dryness, itchiness, and rough texture with this remarkable serum. It suits all skin types—dry, oily, combination, normal, and sensitive—the serum offers comprehensive hydration and care.

4. Sunscreen

With your hydration needs fulfilled, you can now move on to protecting your skin from UV rays. UV is cancerous and may cause various skin issues that eventually affect your overall health. To minimize its negative effects, always wear sunscreen as part of your skincare when pregnant.

Sunscreen acts as a shield by forming a protective barrier on the skin's surface. Its active ingredients scatter UV rays preventing them from penetrating your skin. During pregnancy, you have increased levels of estrogen, which results in darkening of your skin and eventually discoloration. 

Daily sunscreen application significantly reduces the risk of exacerbating skin pigmentation concerns. Maintain an even tone. Moreover, certain sunscreens have additional ingredients that offer benefits beyond UV protection.

Some have antioxidants that help combat free radicals generated by UV exposure. Given that pregnancy can bring about a range of skin sensitivities, including sunburn, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF rating like Abib Quick Sunstick Protection Bar SPF50+ PA++++ becomes essential. 

By incorporating this into your skincare when pregnant, you can enjoy outdoor activities without compromising the well-being of your skin or the developing fetus.

5. Acne Care

As pregnancy skincare prioritizes protection, a similar assertiveness extends to managing acne. Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can trigger breakouts. Thus, adopt gentle yet effective skincare when pregnant that will nurture your skin’s health. 

Try to use products with AHA and BHA in their formulas. Both are exfoliating agents that are exfoliating and brightening in nature. Combat hyperpigmentation and wrinkles and achieve a hydrating and brightening skin complexion. 

AHA and BHA work in harmony to reduce excess oil by arresting sebum production. As it clears your clogged pores by clearing out dead skin cells, your face starts to brighten. Add Some By MI AHA.BHA.PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner from The Bubblewrap site to your list of skincare when pregnant. Reduce blemishes and improve your skin tone with AHA. 

While choosing products for use while pregnant, be aware of ingredients to avoid. Sideline retinoids, salicylic acid, and formaldehyde skincare when pregnant to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby.

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What Should You Not Use During Pregnancy: 2 Products That Are Unsafe for You 

1. Say No to Retinoids

During pregnancy, discontinue the use of night repair creams that have retinoids or salicylic acid. As per research, prolonged use of retinoids in skincare when pregnant during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. 

Isotretinoin is also not safe, even though it's often utilized for acne treatment. Not only can it cause birth defects during pregnancy, but avoid it before conception due to potential impacts on the menstrual cycle and conception difficulties. As a general rule, it's best to avoid these ingredients in your skincare when pregnant to ensure a safe and healthy journey toward motherhood.

2. Salicylic Acid

Steering clear-of-night repair creams with retinoids or salicylic acid in your skincare when pregnant is best. Refrain from isotretinoin as it may contribute to minimizing the risk of birth defects and other potential complications. In conclusion, prioritizing caution with skin care products is crucial during pregnancy and while attempting to conceive. 

Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance on skincare when pregnant during this important phase.

FAQs: Glowing Skin During Pregnancy: 5 Essential Products and 2 No-Gos for Your Skincare When Pregnant

Is it safe to use skincare products during pregnancy?

Yes. Choose your products for beauty care during pregnancy carefully. Go for options that do not have- retinoids, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. Opt for pregnancy-safe alternatives.

What skincare ingredients should you avoid if pregnant?

Never use retinoids, hydroquinone, and high doses of essential oils. Consult your doctor to ensure products are safe for your skincare when pregnant.

Can I use sunscreen while pregnant?

Absolutely! Sunscreen is essential. Choose a broad-spectrum, mineral-based option like safe ingredients skin care products to protect your skin from UV rays without harmful chemicals. However, if you are wondering if is it safe to have a facial while pregnant, avoid products with harsh chemicals.

How can I address pregnancy-related skin issues like melasma?

Look for best skincare products with ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, and azelaic acid, known to help reduce hyperpigmentation safely.

Are there specific skincare routines for each trimester?

As your skin's needs change, adapt your routine for beauty care during pregnancy. Focus on hydration, gentle cleansing, and targeted treatments for acne or stretch marks as needed.


Pregnancy is a unique phase, where your body learns to adapt to many hormonal changes. While it is mostly normal, your skin might carry a burden of scars and hyperpigmentation owing to these changes. To combat and restrict such changes, invest in skincare when pregnant using products from The Bubblewrap

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