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Double Cleansing: Your Skin’s Daily Detox

30 September 2023
Double Cleansing: Your Skin’s Daily Detox

Does your skin feel oily every now and then? Is your skin breaking out despite following a skincare? If yes, then it's time to include an easy yet extremely effective step in your skincare. Double Cleansing. 

Cleansing forms the cornerstone of any comprehensive skincare regimen. Irrespective of your skin type or specific skincare concerns, the primary and pivotal step involves the thorough cleansing of your facial skin. The main objective is to cleanse your face meticulously, ridding it of all accumulated dirt and impurities.

Frequently, a single cleansing session does not effectively eliminate oil, dirt, impurities, and perspiration, as these substances tend to accrue on the skin's surface and infiltrate the pores, rendering their removal in a solitary endeavour quite challenging.

However, it is important to clarify that double cleansing doesn't merely involve washing your face twice consecutively. It is a two step cleansing approach utilising distinct products to achieve a comprehensive and thorough cleansing process: 

an oil based cleansing, followed by a water based cleansing.

Let us now explore the optimal method of double cleansing tailored to your specific skin type.


What Is Double Cleansing, and How to Do It

Before you go out searching for the best double cleansers on the market, hold on for a moment. Before diving into product recommendations, let's begin by understanding what exactly double cleansing is.

Double cleansing is a skincare method that employs a two step process using different types of cleansers. 

The initial step typically employs an oil based cleanser to dissolve and eliminate makeup, sunscreen, and excess skin oil. This is succeeded by a water based cleanser that efficiently removes water based impurities like sweat and environmental pollutants, along with any residual traces from the initial oil cleanse. 

Double cleansing is crucial for maintaining skin clarity and health, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleansing routine that readies the skin for subsequent skincare products.

An oil based cleanser or a cleansing balm's primary role is to break down and remove oilbased impurities from the skin's surface and pores. Here's what it does: 

  • Removes makeup easily 
  • Gets rid of excess sebum
  • Cleanses impurities, dirt and pollutants 

The water based cleanser subsequently gently eliminates any lingering sweat and water based residues. Here's how it benefits your skin:

  • Removes any residue
  • Balances pH levels 
  • Hydrates the skin

But is double cleaning a complicated process? The answer is No. 

This is a straightforward step that you should unquestionably incorporate into your skincare routine. Here are the steps to double cleanse:

Remember always begin by washing your hands before applying anything to your face. Cleans hands are equally important for a clean face.

  1. Oil Based Cleanser or Cleansing Balm

For the oil based cleanser, dispense a small amount onto your hand and lather it up before applying it to your face. Massage in circular motion. For Oil based cleansing balm, with dry hands take a small amount of cleansing balm, rub it in between your palms and gently apply it to your face. Massage it for approximately one minute and emulsify the balm, allowing it to break down the oil based impurities. Rinse off the balm and gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

      2. Water Based Cleanser

Following the initial cleansing, apply a small quantity of the water based cleanser, create a lather, and softly massage it onto your skin. Ensure a gentle touch and maintain a circular massaging motion. Cleanse thoroughly. For best results rinse it off with lukewarm water. Pat your face dry with a soft and clean towel. 

Now that we understand the 'why' and 'how' of double cleansing, let's take a quick look at how double cleansing differs for various skin types.


Double Cleansing for Different Skin Types

  •  Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and blotting paper has been your best friend for age, it is time to change that. Double cleansing is a boon for you. The excess sebum produced by the skin makes your skin shiny and sweaty, leading to frequent acne breakouts. It is prone to enlarged pores as well. Double cleansing is an absolute necessity for oily skin. 

A combination of  cleanser that is oil based or a  balm with cleansing property that can dissolve excess oil, makeup, and impurities. with a water based cleaner to prevent over drying while effectively cleansing. is what oily skin needs. 

Products like Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm and Innisfree  Volcanic Pore BHA Cleansing Foam are great choices for oily skinned people to start double cleansing with. 

  • Dry Skin 

Dry skinned people have a higher risk of over washing, so double cleaning can be tricky for them. The insufficient production of natural oil can cause dryness. Doing it regularly may cause harm and strip your skin's natural oils. Further causing redness and fine lines, making skin appear flaky and dull. Double cleansing after you have stepped out or applied makeup is a good practice. Incorporating a hydrating oil based cleanser to prevent additional moisture loss is a wonderful move for maintaining healthy skin. Pair it with a gentle water based cleanser that preserves your skin's natural oils without stripping them away. Invest in products like Banila Co.

Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm (Revitalizing) and Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser for best results.

  • Combination Skin 

People with combination skin exhibit a mix of oily and dry areas on their face. Generally, the T zone of their face (forehead, nose, and chin)  gets oily, while their cheeks remain dry. This often results in recurrent acne breakouts on the T zone and dry, flaky skin on the cheeks. The optimal approach for individuals with this skin type involves utilizing a combination of oil based and water based cleansers. A lightweight oil based cleanser on the oily areas to get rid of oil based impurities and a gentle water based cleanser for hydration on the drier areas. Missha Glow Skin Balm and Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser is the combination they should try out. An addition of  Wonder Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil would also do wonders for the skin. 

  • Sensitive Skin 

A skin type that deserves a lot of attention and care, Sensitive skin. Prone to redness, irritation, and allergic reactions, sensitive skin can feel tight or itchy if products used are according to their skin type. They often react negatively to fragrances and harsh ingredients. So investing in skincare that is of high quality and the right ingredients is very important. Products like Heimish All Clean Balm and 

  Innisfree  Volcanic Pore BHA Cleansing Foam are the right choices to double cleanse with.  

  • Acne-Prone Skin 

Acne-prone and Sensitive skin types have quite similar needs. Both skin types require extra care and love. Acne prone skin deals with breakouts, including whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Along with oil production in some areas. A gentle oil based cleanser for cleaning out the dirt and impurities from their skin and a hydrating water based cleanser for adding moisture is what acne prone skin needs. Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm (Revitalizing) and Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser can work well for this skin type. 

Skincare is an ever evolving journey that needs exploration and experimentation. Your skin's needs can change with seasons, age, and lifestyle, so staying flexible in your approach is key to achieving your best complexion.

FAQs: All about Double Cleansing 

Can double cleansing help with acne or ageing? 

Yes, double cleansing can help with acne by cleaning the skin well and can also keep your skin healthier as you get older.

Can teenagers and older people use double cleansing? 

 Yes, teenagers with acne and older adults can use double cleansing. Just choose products that work for your skin.

Is there any harm in double cleansing? 

Potential drawbacks of over cleansing can lead to dryness or irritation if not balanced with proper hydration.

What pH level do oil based cleansers have?

Oil based cleansers usually have a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0, but this can vary a bit depending on the product.


A well planned skincare regimen is your greatest companion for achieving healthy, glowing skin. Double cleansing, with its comprehensive explanation of the 'why' and 'how,' forms the foundation of this skincare journey. By customising your approach to suit your specific skin type and needs, you can unlock the full potential of double cleansing. Remember, consistency is key, and always prioritise quality products that align with your skin's unique requirements. With the power of double cleansing, you're one step closer to achieving the skin you've always dreamed of. So, cleanse, care, and let your skin glow with confidence.

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