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Tokens of Appreciation: 7 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

1 November 2023
Tokens of Appreciation: 7 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

Your family is ecstatic about the upcoming arrival of a new little member. Congratulations! This momentous occasion calls for a heartfelt celebration with close friends and family, and what better way to do that than by hosting a baby shower?

Choosing appropriate baby shower favours presents a unique challenge. Unlike other events where shaped goodies like heart-shaped soaps for weddings or candy rings for engagement parties are common, baby showers require a delicate balance between practicalness and playfulness. 

Moreover, it's customary to remember and appreciate the attending guests by offering baby shower gifts for guests. Expressing gratitude to your family and friends for sharing in the excitement of the little one's impending arrival is essential. These gifts not only signify the unique presence of each guest but also serve as mementoes of this special day.

With The Bubble Wrap select the perfect baby shower gifts for your guests. They will truly feel appreciated. Let's make this celebration a cherished and memorable event!

baby shower gifts for guests

7 Baby Shower Gifts for Guests Ideas

1. Coasters

Coasters make for exquisite favour gifts for your baby shower, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality to your celebration. Among the elegant offerings from our product range, you will find the perfect piece to suit your theme and impress your guests.

Coasters serve as both decor and practical additions to any household. The Floral Wreath Coaster, with its delicate design, embodies the beauty of nature, while the marble coasters from Gio Bagnara exude timeless elegance. Both are perfect baby shower gifts for guests. 

Ariana OST Cast Square Lace and Gio Bagnara Square Rounded Coasters offer a blend of contemporary and classic aesthetics, appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Baby shower gifts for guests like coasters showcases your attention to practicality. Each time they use these coasters, they will think of your baby shower. Make your baby shower memorable with these charming coasters, a token of appreciation that's both beautiful and functional.

2. Candles 

When it comes to the tradition of gift giving, candles hold a special meaning. It is a symbol of hope that will shine on you even in the darkest of times. Therefore, it is among the perfect baby shower gifts for guests. A baby being born is a new kind of hope. Being a new parent is quite a thrilling and exciting journey.

Check out The Bubble Wrap’s Candle Collection here.

You can give fun candles like Candle Handle Gourmet Food, Handle Gesture-Peace Candle. Or, go for classics like this one from Voluspa or this Locherber Milano one. 

Share your excitement and gratitude with those who come to celebrate in your times of joy. Add this item to your list of baby shower souvenirs ideas. Candles as baby shower gifts for guests are not only just small gifts. They are blessings for your baby as well. Another reason why candles are the perfect gift. It is gender neutral. 

Choose a pleasant smelling candle like Voluspa Moroccan Mint and Voluspa Peruvian Lime that will make the atmosphere smell enchanting. This makes candles one of the best birthday souvenirs for baby boysboy. 

baby shower gifts for guests

3. Soap Dish

Finding excellent options when it comes to baby shower gifts for guests from The Bubble Wrap. With spectacular designs and sturdy materials make your bathroom sink cabinet extra posh with soap dish gifts. 

Choose semi-precious stones-embedded soap dishes like Mike + Ally Taj Soap Dish, made of. Give your bathroom sink a more sophisticated look with soap dishes. This Mike + Ally Jazz Soap Dish creates a captivating visual display. 

More exotic ceramic soap dishes add an element of earthen style. You can also choose durable and simplistic options like a marble soap dish like this one from Flamentta V. Bold designs and colours add style. Encourage more organisation and wellness with such baby shower gifts for guests

4. Fragrance Diffusers 

Planning all your gifts for the baby shower, travelling to come to your party- all these take a lot of effort. Show deep appreciation for their unconditional love. Gift attendees a diffuser. It is one of the most thoughtful and “calming” baby shower gifts for guests. What scents or flavours can you “gift” your loved ones?

5. Vanilla for Relaxation 

The gentle smells from Voluspa Santille Vanille create soothing effects on the mind and body. It will calm down your racing thoughts and help to release negative thoughts, releasing tension. It makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

6. Lavender Eases Stress

Aroma diffuser is one of the best remedies to alleviate stress. Your loved ones have many hassles in their life. Some of them must cause stress. Give them baby shower gifts for guests like this Voluspa Lavender Reed DiffuserInhaling this scent releases happy hormones and calms down their mind and nerves.  

5. Focus with Mint

If your loved one needs to focus back on their life, give them this energising scent of  Voluspa Moroccan Mint Reed Diffuser. Mint scent alerts your brain and helps you to channel your focus on important things.  

6. Boost Your Mood with Citrus 

Be the reason why your guests are always in a good mood! Help them do away with the Monday blues and mood swings with refreshing baby shower gifts for guests like this Voluspa Pink Citron Diffuser

It is quite a thoughtful present. Your guest can put any essential oil of their preference in this diffuser and customise how they want their house or room to smell. There is no therapy as soothing and instant as aromatherapy.  

7. Glass Ware

A set of quality crystal glasses is ideal as a gift for both men and women. If your friends or family enjoy the occasional scotch on rocks or their favourite mojito or cocktail, they will be very happy to receive such a gift. 

The Anna New York Elevo Glasses can be a striking addition to their bar collection. If they are more of a beer enthusiast you can give them this Rasori Large Glass. These handcrafted glasses have a playful and modern feel. Such baby shower gifts for guests not only make excellent drinking companions with your favourite liquor but also double up as showpieces in your display!

8. Smart Water Bottle

In the midst of a hectic routine, it's crucial to stay hydrated. Water bottles make great baby shower gifts for guests! When you are busy meeting deadlines and completing tasks, the instinct to quench your thirst often takes a back seat. 

Understanding the vital role water plays in maintaining good health is essential; hence, maintaining proper hydration is paramount. Monitoring water intake can be a tiresome task, but with the assistance of smart bottles, like Burga Forest Green Khaki and Equa Lightweight Aperol, you can effortlessly meet your daily hydration targets. 

Show your concern for your loved ones with such baby shower giveaways boy gender reveal gift. Stop your loved ones from suffering the consequences of inadequate water consumption. 

9. Skincare Kit

There is nothing as thoughtful as giving skincare gifts. It is personal and shows that you not only appreciate your loved ones in this celebration but also care about their self-care routine. 

By giving your family and friends skincare kits you are presenting them with a comprehensive option that meets all their skincare needs. Now they do not have to go on a strenuous search for individual skincare products. 

Give a curated collection with elegant packaging when it comes to baby shower gifts for guests. It will create a goodwill among them. Such gifts leave a lasting impression on your guests!

When you give your guests luxury skincare items like the Beauty of Joseon Hanbang Serum Discovery Kit and Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Set, it shows careful selection and your thought process behind it. 

It is not some random product on a random website. You have hand picked them to show your appreciation and love just like they are doing for you in this special time.  For skincare products, it is best that you know what your loved ones’ skin needs are before selecting the baby shower gifts for guests. 

baby shower gifts for guests

FAQs: Tokens of Appreciation: 7 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

What are the best gift ideas for a baby shower?

Some gifts that you can give on a baby shower are skincare kits, or towels or candles- everyday items that your guests will use. 

Are baby shower favours gender-neutral?

You can choose gender-themed gifts if you already know the gender of the baby. You can also ask your closest loved ones to give gifts based on your baby’s gender. However, if that is not possible make a registry for gender-neutral gifts and even make your return gifts non-gender specific. 

What should you bring to a baby shower?

If you are hosting the baby shower then you must arrange for food and other necessities that both guests and mom-to-be might need. 

Should you follow a baby shower gift registry?

You can make a gift registry for guests to give you specific items that you actually need. It saves the hassle of exchanging items or gifts going to waste.

Should you send thank-you notes?

It is very courteous to send thank-you notes to all who attend and gifts you in your baby shower. It shows your respect and appreciation for their thoughtful presence and gifts. 


Baby shower gifts for guests or shower favours are a token of appreciation for your shower guests. Choose thoughtful gifts that are within your budget. With The Bubble Wrap you can give items that can even become keepsakes for your guests. Or give them items that they can use to pamper themselves for a while. Whatever the gift- it is the thought that counts!

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