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Deodorant Tofu Cat Litter - Green Tea Scented

Fresher litter, happier cats! Experience the natural freshness of Green Tea Scented Deodorant Tofu Cat Litter for a purr-fectly pleasant and odor-free environment.
Product Description

•Refreshing green tea scent: Experience a delightful aroma with Vetreska's green tea scented tofu cat litter. Enjoy the invigorating scent of green tea while keeping your cat's litter area fresh and pleasant.

•Powerful clumping and odor control: Our revolutionary litter offers unmatched clumping power, making cleanup a breeze. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors as our litter effectively controls and neutralizes them, providing a clean and odor-free environment for you and your feline friend.

•Eco-friendly and hassle-free disposal: Crafted from all-natural peas and cornstarch, our tofu cat litter is not only safe for your cat but also environmentally friendly. Forget about heavy bags of litter – our litter can be easily flushed down the toilet, offering a convenient and hassle-free disposal method. Elevate your litter experience to a new level of excellence with Vetreska!

Facts For Felines

•Natural Plant-Based Ingredients: Our original tofu cat litter is made from all-natural peas and cornstarch, ensuring a pure and safe clumping litter composed entirely of plant-based materials.

•Instant Clumping:This litter forms solid clumps within seconds, leaving no sticky residue at the bottom of the litter box. Its high absorption rate is five times better than other litters.

•Dust-Free:With a dust-free composition, our cat litter eliminates the problem of tracking dust and allows for easy scooping.

•Toilet Flushable:Our cat litter material is specially formulated to dissolve instantly in water, making it safe and convenient to flush down the toilet.

•Superior Odor Control: Infused with 5% deodorizing beads, our litter works diligently to control odors and keep your space fresh and odor-free.
Vacuum Packaging:Our cat litter is vacuum-sealed for secure transportation and easy storage. Upon receiving the package, you may notice it appears solid like a brick. Simply open the bag and allow some air in, and the litter will quickly loosen up and be ready for use.

•How to Use:

1.Pour the tofu cat litter into the litter box, filling it to a depth of approximately 1.5-2 inches.

2.Scoop out clumps daily, disposing of waste directly into the toilet. Remember to flush small amounts at a time, avoiding overfilling the toilet.

3.To maintain cleanliness and freshness, add more cat litter to the box, keeping it at a depth of about 1.5-2 inches. We recommend completely replacing all the cat litter on a monthly basis for optimal performance.

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