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Ariana OST

Mega Healing Crystal Bath Immersion Kit

70.000 OMR 70.000 OMR

- Indulge in luxury with Ariana Ost's ethically sourced crystal bath soak. The massive crystals come in a branded rose gold box for a stunning presentation.

- Thoughtfully originated in the US.

Product Description
Ariana Ost is offering pure ethically sourced massive sized crystals to soak in your bath with. How luxurious is it to have the opportunity to soak in crystals literally! Comes packaged in a gorgeous magnetic rose gold foil branded keepsake box.
Product Dimensions

Weight - 0.198kg

Length - 12cm

Width - 8cm

Care Instructions & Materials

Before soaking in your crystal bath, set an intention to program the crystals to carry out their purpose for you.

Store the crystals on your bathroom countertop, or shower/bath shelves to look beautiful when not in use.

Periodically allow the crystals to recharge in the moonlight overnight.

Enjoy, relax, and submerge into your crystal bath to renew and recharge.

Set comes with six crystals!

Amethyst - for dreams and anxiety reduction Zebra Calcite - for balance and stability 2 Rose Quartz - for peace and love (1 to hold in each hand during your bath to take in all the self loving energy) Quartz - for strength, energy and light Citrine - for joy and abundance
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