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Locherber Milano

Hejaz Incense Candle - 210gms

34.000 OMR 34.000 OMR
  • -Top notes of cedar, birch, and bergamot.
  • -Creates a captivating and inviting ambiance.
  • -Thoughtfully originated in Italy.
Product Description

• Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Hejaz Incense Candle, a 210gms diffuser that emanates an irresistible aromatic allure. With its harmonious blend of spicy and woody notes, this enchanting fragrance takes you on a sensory journey. The heady combination of cedar, birch, and bergamot creates a captivating opening, while gurjum, incense, cypress, nutmeg, carnation, and white musk weave together to form a warm and inviting heart.

• The captivating allure lingers with the comforting embrace of sandalwood, guaico wood, patchouli, and pine wood, leaving a lasting impression. Indulge in approximately 35 hours of pure olfactory delight, as this Hejaz Incense Candle envelops your space in an ambiance of serenity and opulence.

Product Dimensions

Volume -210g

Care Instructions
Finished in a hand-painted glass vase surmounted by an elegant canaletto walnut lid.
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