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Fruit-Shaped Cat Climber

56.000 OMR 56.000 OMR
Playful Adventures on Fruit Clouds! Watch your cat reach new heights and explore the fruity fun of the Fruit-Shaped Cat Climber. It's a whimsical and exciting playground that will keep them entertained for hours.
Product Description

•Vetreska has designed a magical orchard for your cat to play in! Featuring peaches, cherries, watermelons, and tangerines, our Fruit Frenzy Cat Climber offers a fun habitat for your cat to play, jump, and pounce around on.

•On top of being tall enough, it also features platforms for your cat to rest and nap in with breathable, soft, and skin-friendly composite cashmere loop material.

•Moreover, our high-quality jute rope means this orchard is both sturdy, moisture resistant, and safe for your cat to play in.

Product Dimensions

• Length:26.8in

• Width:26.8in

• Height: 47.2in

Facts For Felines

•FUN FRUITY DESIGN: This cat climber has 4 levels of fruit-themed fun to attract your kitten's attention, saving your furniture, and to decorate your home with a unique and beautiful piece of cat furniture.

•COZY MATERIALS: Each fruit platform is covered with high quality fabric that will not stick to cat hair, is easy to clean, and feels soft for the cat to lounge on.

•STURDY STRUCTURE: Each layer is designed to support the cat's weight, with a weighted stable base at the bottom of the climber to provide the ultimate stability.

•PREMIUM QUALITY: Our cat scratcher is handmade with 100% natural jute rope, built to withstand the fiercest of paws!

•EASY ASSEMBLY: Designed for simple assembly, you can finish this installation within a short time to quickly and easily create a wonderful playground for your cat.

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