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Ariana OST

Tree of Life Healing Crystal Grid

105.000 OMR 105.000 OMR

- Tree of Life crystal grids symbolize roots, connection, and upward growth with the power of crystals to enhance the energy in your space.

- Thoughtfully originated in the US.

Product Description
The Tree of Life grid is here. Trees are symbolic for us to feel rooted and uplifted as well. Roots dig deep into the earth for connection, sense of belonging and nourishment. Branches, leaves and flowers all bloom upwards and show the world their beauty. Harness the power of crystals with these lovely grids.
Product Dimensions

Weight - 0.198kg

Length - 25cm

Width - 22cm

Height - 1cm

Care Instructions & Materials

Wipe clean with damp cloth

Tree agate - for inner peace, plentitude, abundance. Fuchsite- For heart healing, love and mica like sparkle.

Aquamarine- for calm and tranquility, connection to water and fluidity.

Rose Quartz - For peace, love, and healing.

Clear Quartz - for strength, light, reflection.

Rainbow Flourite - for positivity and stress reduction.

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