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Conditioner Chronicles: Guide to Choosing Conditioner and How to Use Hair Conditioner

18 September 2023
Conditioner Chronicles: Guide to Choosing Conditioner and How to Use Hair Conditioner

Tangled hair? Unmanageable knots that try your patience? Lack-lustre hair and stubborn flyaways and frizzes that will not smooth out? All of these hair problems have a simple and singular solution- HAIR CONDITIONER. If your goal is deep nourishment, learn how to use hair conditioner. 

Choosing the right conditioner is crucial for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. A well-suited conditioner provides essential benefits such as hydration, damage repair, detangling, frizz control, and protection against environmental factors. 

Conditioners with unique formulations cater to your specific hair type, whether it's curly, straight, fine, or thick. It also addresses concerns like colour-treated hair or scalp health. Ultimately, the right conditioner enhances your hair's appearance while contributing to its overall health, making it easier to manage, style, and enjoy.

Your choice of conditioner can significantly impact the sensory experience of your hair care routine. The right scent, texture, and results can make your daily self-care ritual all the more enjoyable.

It’s important to remember that not all conditioners are the same, and individual preferences and needs can vary.  In this blog we will spill the secrets of how you can find the perfect conditioner for your unique hair type, concerns, and sensitivities.  

how to use hair conditioner

How to Select the Best Hair Conditioner 

Selecting the perfect conditioner for the climate in the UAE is essential to keep your hair healthy and vibrant in the region's hot and arid environment. The ideal conditioner for the UAE should possess specific properties tailored to combat the challenges posed by climate.

First step of learning how to use hair conditioner is to know that hydration is paramount. Dry heat in UAE climate will strip your hair of its moisture. It leaves your hair with a brittle texture. Your hair becomes more prone to damage.

The solution lies in a deeply hydrating and nourishing conditioner. Choose a product with shea butter, coconut oil, or hyaluronic acid to replenish and lock in moisture, ensuring your locks remain soft and supple.

Additionally, UV protection is crucial. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to colour fading, dryness, and increased vulnerability to damage. Learn how to use hair conditioner with UV filters or ingredients like argan oil, which offers natural UV protection. Safeguard your hair from harsh rays.

Furthermore, humidity resistance is essential in this climate. The UAE can experience high humidity levels, which may cause frizz and unruly hair. Opt for conditioners that provide humidity control, such as those with ingredients like silk protein or glycerin, to maintain smooth and manageable hair even in humid conditions.

Explore Bubble Wrap's haircare collection for understanding how to use hair conditioner better. Let's take a detailed look at the types of hair conditioners and how they nourish your hair. 

How Do I Maintain My Hair in UAE with 4 Types of Conditioners?

1. Cleansing Conditioner

Also referred to as co-washes, cleansing conditioners allow you to cleanse both your scalp and hair effectively. They are particularly favored for their residue and buildup removal properties, making them an excellent choice for those with thick, curly hair, as they help maintain optimal moisture levels. Know more about how to use hair conditioner with cleansing conditioners.

Co-washing, also referred to as conditioner-only washing or the no-poo method, is a fundamental practice in curly hair care. It involves substituting shampoo with conditioner during the washing process. Hair experts often recommend using hair care butter products to nourish and pamper curly hair types.

One significant advantage of co-washing is its time and cost-saving benefits. Use hair conditioner for women from Ahimsa sparingly, allowing you to extend time between washes compared to traditional shampoos, making them a practical choice for busy individuals.

Co-washing is versatile, suitable for all hair types, including damaged, fine, or colour-treated hair. Conditioning cleansers offer a gentler cleansing experience compared to conventional shampoos, leaving both hair and scalp refreshed and moisturised.

Moreover, co-washing facilitates post-styling routines. Learn how to use hair conditioner with formulas that often include conditioner components, making styling applications more manageable and efficient.

2. Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners, unlike regular ones, remain on your hair after application until the next wash. Available in various forms like liquids, creams, and sprays, they restore moisture and enhance manageability, even on dry hair between washes.

Typically containing humectants, they hydrate, soften, and strengthen dry strands, reducing breakage and taming frizz. How to use hair conditioner that requires you to “leave them in”. Just take a little product and emolliate them between your fingers. Then apply it on your hair separating your hair strands with your fingers.

Leave-in conditioners also shield hair from environmental damage, including chlorine and salt in summer and cold, dry air in winter. Know how to use hair conditioner that benefits all hair types. Furthermore, these conditioners provide much-needed moisture regular conditioners can't deliver.

3.  Deep Conditioner

If you are looking for a deep level of hydration, then deep conditioners, hair care extends its nurturing embrace to provide the next level of hydration and repair. Deep conditioners, often called hair masks, are intensive treatments crafted to hydrate, repair, and nourish your hair. Want to know how to use a hair conditioner that has deep conditioning formulation? 

Apply it by massaging into your hair. Leave it in for 20-40 minutes for optimal results. Using heat enhances penetration of these treatments, ensuring they deeply nourish each strand, yielding more noticeable benefits. 

They offer a more potent effect compared to regular conditioners, typically featuring a thicker consistency. Consider these longer treatments when you want to know how to use hair conditioner on badly damaged hair.

4. Rinse Out Conditioner

Rinse-out conditioners nourish your hair post-wash. You apply them to your washed hair and then rinse it off. It stays on your hair until your next wash. You can find this product in different forms- creams, liquids, sprays and more.

But will it not clump hair? No. Rinse-out conditioners have lightweight formulas that are perfect for dry hair. It restores lost moisture. You can easily manage your hair when you figure out how to use hair conditioner with such a formula.

These conditioners have humectants. It helps to hydrate and soften your dry hair strands. Your hair will become more elastic and strong. Solidu Cosmetics No Knots - Detangling Hair Conditioner detangles your hair thus reducing breakage, restoring moisture and taming frizz.

Protect your hair from chlorine and salt, especially during summer. It also acts as a shield during extreme cold. A good rinse-out conditioner will protect your hair from cold and dry air.  They also double up as heat protectants.

It works best for oily and dry hair as such hair types are in need of extra moisture. Unfortunately, they will not find that in regular conditioners. So, how can you use it?

Can you put conditioner on your scalp as you wash your hair? Yes, when you do so. Use gentle and hydrating formulas that give a protective coating while enhancing your hair texture.

Knowing how to use hair conditioner is a crucial hair care tip. For rinse-out conditioners only improve your hair texture. They do not clean unlike cleansing conditioners.  Find out below how you can easily use conditioner to step up your hair care routine. 

how to use hair conditioner

How to Use Hair Conditioner in 4 Steps

1. Shampoo Your Hair

You need clean hair to condition it. Use paraben-free and sulphate-free shampoos from Ahimsa and Solidu

2. Apply the Conditioner

Next on “how to use hair conditioner”, take a 1-2 pumps of product or make a lather of organic ones like Solidu Cosmetics Hair Candy - Hair Conditioner and generously apply. Sift through your hair strand with your fingers as you apply product. 

3. Let It Sit

Adjust the amount according to hair thickness and length, but avoid excess as it may burden fine hair or leave residue.

4. Rinse Thoroughly with Cold Water 

To know how to use hair conditioner that has special formulations like a hair conditioner for men  like Solidu and Ahimsa products. Always use cold water to wash off products. Avoid doing so for leave-in products.

FAQs: Conditioner Chronicles: Guide to Choosing Conditioner and How to Use Hair Conditioner

How often should I use conditioner in the UAE's climate?

In UAE weather, should you use conditioner daily? Yes, in fact use it with each hair wash, to combat dryness caused by its arid environment.

Can I use conditioner on my scalp, or should I apply it only the ends?

Apply conditioner on your scalp, but focus primarily on the ends to avoid weighing down hair or causing buildup.

Are there any specific conditioners recommended for different hair types in the UAE?

Are you thinking “how do I maintain my hair in UAE?”  Consider lightweight, hydrating conditioners for fine hair. Go for humidity-resistant properties for curly or frizzy hair to combat UAE climate.

Should I use a conditioner even if I have oily hair?

Yes. Opt for a lightweight, oil-free, or volumizing conditioner and avoid applying it to the scalp to prevent excess oil buildup. Focus primarily on the hair's mid-lengths to ends.

Can I use a leave-in conditioner in addition to regular conditioner?

You can use both. Use your regular conditioner first. Then use the leave-in product.  How long do you leave-in conditioner? Around 5-10 minutes is ideal.      

What is the ideal conditioner-to-shampoo ratio for hair care?

Wondering how is a cream or spray better for leave-in conditioner. There's no one-size-fits-all conditioner-to-shampoo ratio. Go for a formula for your hair. Use a quarter-sized amount of conditioner for every shampoo application.


Understanding how to use hair conditioner effectively is key to maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. Using a conditioner tailored to your hair type and specific UAE climate can make a significant difference. Hydration, UV protection, and humidity resistance are vital considerations. Embrace the right conditioner and follow a simple routine to keep your hair nourished, protected, and manageable with The Bubble Wrap products.

how to use hair conditioner

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