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Unlocking Your Inner Bookworm: 6 Steps on How to Cultivate a Reading Habit & Facing 3 Common Challenges

18 September 2023
Unlocking Your Inner Bookworm: 6 Steps on How to Cultivate a Reading Habit & Facing 3 Common Challenges

Renowned Greek philosopher Plato once eloquently stated, "Books breathe life into the universe, grant wings to the intellect, fuel the flights of imagination, and infuse vitality into all aspects of existence." Everyone will agree the act of reading not only nourishes a child's vivid imagination but also augments their vocabulary and fosters academic achievement. 

Indeed, a child who immerses themselves in books attains a profound comprehension of abstract concepts, excels in comprehension and writing, and cultivates an exceptional vocabulary.  

We feel the need to emulate the habits of esteemed leaders, millionaires, and billionaires who extol the virtues of reading. However, for many of us, the frenzied pace of life can relegate reading to the back burner, nestled amidst the realm of "when I find more time." Perhaps our lack of motivation stems from a disconnect with the core reasons to read more. 

To learn how to cultivate a reading habit, let us begin with the fundamentals with The Bubble Wrap. Reading serves as a conduit to novel ideas, equipping us with the knowledge to think of innovative concepts. It undoubtedly enriches our vocabulary and broadens our wisdom, from which we can draw inspiration. Learning from experiences of others nurtures our creative thinking, facilitating personal growth. 

How to cultivate a reading habit

3 Reasons As to Why Read More

1. Expanding Horizons

Reading is a gateway to a universe of knowledge that facilitates personal growth. With it you can explore new perspectives and expand your horizons, while stimulating your mind. It is important to know how to cultivate a reading habit as it fuels your imagination and sparks creativity. 

As you immerse yourself in a book, you visualize characters and settings, even the events from it. You can create this vivid mental landscape. Such an imaginative exercise stimulates your brain and enhances its ability to be creative and “think outside the box”.

Reading about fictional worlds, places and concepts allow you to explore new world scenarios. It also enlightens you to challenge preconceived notions. Through books you have this unique opportunity to step into another person’s shoes and view life from their perspective.

Through reading, you often develop empathy and emotional intelligence. As you connect with emotions, triumphs and struggles of characters, you understand different perspectives on life. Learning how to cultivate a reading habit helps you to relate to a diverse group of people and bring awareness towards others. 

This profound impact of reading extends beyond personal growth and creativity. Literature can also alleviate stress. Let's explore how. 

2. Stress Reduction

In our fast-paced modern world, reading offers a sanctuary from relentless pressures and stresses that besiege us daily. It serves as a therapeutic refuge. No wonder it is imperative to learn how to cultivate a reading habit.

Extensive research has unveiled the remarkable capacity of reading to diminish stress levels, enhance mental well-being, and even promote better sleep. The immersive experience of delving into a captivating book can seamlessly transport us to alternate realms, offering solace and profound comfort.

Reading extends its calming influence to our physical state. It lowers our heart rate and alleviates muscular tension. A 2009 study in the University of Sussex demonstrated that reading can reduce stress by a staggering 68%.

It surpasses efficacy of alternative relaxation techniques such as music listening or sipping a steaming cup of tea. This magic of reading lies in its ability to invite our minds into a literary realm untainted by stressors that plague our daily lives.

Discover a book or magazine that piques your curiosity, whether it's a romantic paperback, a gardening magazine, or even a cookbook from Greg Natale Palazzo Bookends. Dedicate a mere 30 minutes each day to reading in a tranquil setting, to harness the benefits of reading habit.  

3. Improving Knowledge

Reading unlocks the doors to knowledge, offering a rich tapestry of information spanning history, science, literature, and philosophy. Learning how to cultivate a reading habit, introduces us to varied ideas, cultures, and concepts. 

It expands our global comprehension and nurtures intellectual development. Many books blend real-life events into fictional narratives, providing first hand insight into history. 

By learning how to increase reading habits, you have the world's knowledge at your fingertips. It allows you to explore diverse subjects and learn extensively from books. So, here is a guide on how to cultivate a reading habit for you!

6 Steps to Cultivate a Reading Habit

1. Set Realistic Goals

Start with small, achievable reading goals. Define your reading goals. Keep track of what you are reading. Start small. You can start with newspapers or magazines or short stories. No need to commit yourself to lengthy novels at first. Slowly make your way up to them. 

2. Create a Reading Routine

Establishing a consistent reading routine is the cornerstone of a successful reading habit. Choose a specific time in your daily schedule. 

Designate a comfortable reading space, free from distractions, where you can immerse yourself in your chosen book. Consistency is key; commit to your routine, gradually extending your reading time as you take a book from the Adriani & Rossi Ceramic Storage Shelf .

3. Read Diverse Books

You probably already know about the concept of “reading diverse books”. It is important as it allows you to branch out and explore various parts of the world. It is not just about specific genres, culture or identity. 

You can read books by marginalised authors as they write about characters that reflect their real-life experiences. Hop genre going from Victorian era to Sci-fi, and you will find endless ideas and interpretations of concepts.  

Reading various books across multiple genres and languages (translated) teaches you how to cultivate a reading habit. Here is a guide on the best books to start reading habit for novices. 

How to cultivate a reading habit

4. Have a Reading Environment

You must realise the powerful role the environment plays in your reading. The right lighting, air, and noise in the surroundings affect your reading style and habit. For instance, a calm and quiet atmosphere allows you to concentrate on your book. Fully immerse into a different world without any distractions or noise.

5. Join a Book Club

As you learn how to cultivate a reading habit, join a book club. They endorse diverse reading. You engage with fellow readers who ardently champion diverse literature. 

These clubs serve as exceptional platforms not only for encountering and delving into new books but also for fostering vibrant discussions, enriching the collective reading experience. They offer an avenue for deeper exploration, enabling you to learn how to cultivate a reading habit.  

6. Explore Book-Tech

In the modern age, technology offers valuable companionship to traditional reading. E-readers and audiobooks, for instance, provide versatile alternatives. E-readers enable portable access to vast digital libraries, while audiobooks transform reading into a multisensory experience. 

Know how to cultivate a reading habit through a digital realm with platforms like Kindle, Audible, and digital libraries like Project Gutenberg. They offer a wealth of options.

Overcoming 3 Common Challenges

1. Finding Time

Want to know how to cultivate a reading habit amidst your busy schedule? Track your reading progress in The Therapy Journal. Write about the book you are currently reading. What stands out? Write your own mini review and you will see how you can find the time to read more and more pages as each week goes by. 

2. Dealing with Distractions

Creating a focused reading environment is what will make your process of how to cultivate a reading habit consistent. Overcoming distractions is the key to fostering a lifelong reading habit. You can dim the lights, put your phone on silent and sit at a place that is far away from your gaming console or TV remote. These tiny habits will improve how to cultivate a reading habit. 

3. Falling Behind on Reading Goals

It is important to remember that reading is for pleasure. There is no medal for you if you finish a book. Yes, completing a book makes us happy but over reading or forcing yourself to read can put you in a slump or make this simple act look like a burden. 

Read one book at a time. Following such steps are some of the healthiest ways you’ll learn how to cultivate a reading habit.

FAQs: Unlocking Your Inner Bookworm: Simple Steps on How to Cultivate a Reading Habit

How do I choose the right book to start my reading habit?

Start with self-help books or children’s books like fables (if you’re picking books for your kids). Wondering how can I develop my reading habit fast? Pick a book that is easy to read and light. Go for popular easy-reads. 

What if I don't have much time to read due to a busy schedule?

If not accustomed to extensive reading, establish session-based goals, like reading 50 pages or completing a chapter before switching tasks. Did you know that is how beginners learn to read? Gradually increase your target for each session.

Are audiobooks a good way to develop a reading habit?

Yes, audiobooks can be a beneficial means to foster a reading habit, offering accessibility and flexibility in consuming literature.

What are good reading habits?

What are the 7 habits of a good reader? It encompasses activating prior knowledge, understanding narrative and expository text structures, using mental imagery, employing graphic and semantic organisers, retelling information, making connections, and answering questions.

Can I read multiple books at a time, or should I focus on one book?

Reading multiple books is how do you become a book worm. But it is best to focus on one book at a time to really savour it. 


Learning how to cultivate a reading habit is about discipline. Make a meaning of the hours you dedicate to reading by writing your thoughts on it. Interpret things from an objective lens. Start your reading journey with The Bubble Wrap writing journals and book shelves! Reiterating George R.R. Martin,"...A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one."

How to cultivate a reading habit

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